1. Just finished the full setup for our stream @radiomagnetic tune in live from 7pm . Who needs boiler room?

  2. Just past the half way mark on @subcityradio if you ain’t locked in you should get locked out #hndpckd


  3. Today from 3pm on @subcityradio #hndpckd

  4. HNDPCKD x Soulful Chemistry
    Ile Flottante & Languid [Live / Bristol]
    Friday 4th April 
    Bar Bloc
    £2 / Free before 12

  5. Got some #DIY fliers done for our party at @artschoolscottst next weekend, will be dishing them out with the #beatbuggy round about town.

  6. Poster for our upcoming event at The Art School on Friday 28th March, designed by Maella Wallace

  7. Naughtilus, Tuner and Tuscan whale are in @barbloc on Friday, this place has become such a great wee hub to catch up with the #hndpckd fam and see what our artists have been feeling lately.

  8. Our stream from Radio Magnetic last night is available for listen / watch again.

    Head down to the Govanhill Baths Community Trust this Saturday for a re:ply Skateboards takeover if you’re into the vibe.

  10. Our cassettes are DIY from start to finish, we record them ourselves, cut out all the art and package them up individually so each copy has it’s own unique qualities.

    For this release we added stickers to the tape and a separately printed tracklist for keepsakes.

  11. To give LMNSCT’s artwork more room to shine, we’ve printed off the tracklist on to 140gsm coloured card and will be guillotining it personally this week.

  12. Words in papers, words in books, words on TV, words for crooks.